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We understand that each business has their own unique culture and so we offer fully customized and tailored embedded recruiting to our clients. Our recruiters work directly with your hiring managers and embed themselves in your organization to ensure they recruit and source the best talent for your business. We feel strongly about working as an embedded recruitment team because we believe it is the best and most authentic way to represent your employment brand and company to candidates. We do not offer contingency contracts. By working as embedded recruiters we are not only sourcing and recruiting for your open roles, but we are also helping your company grow it’s own recruiting capabilities.

What Is Embedded Recruiting?

Embedded recruiting means we present ourselves to candidates as if we are part of your team. Typically this means we have an email address from your organization, we participate in weekly or bi weekly recruiting meetings, we have regular check-ins with hiring managers, and we guide hiring managers through every step of the process with best practices, compensation advise, and negotiation tips. We will even join your Slack and show up to your happy hour! Our recruiters are not just great networkers and sourcing pros, they are experts at talent assessment and evaluating culture fit.

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What Is The Process?

Every client is different and so is our process. Our recruiters partner with your internal hiring managers for every step of the recruitment process, we go beyond just presenting profiles, we help you to draft compelling job descriptions, offer feedback on employer branding, recruiting tools, and resources. We source top talent, screen candidates, coach hiring managers, and are always right there to provide feedback, guidance, and best practices. Our goal is to help your company develop their recruiting capabilities so that all hiring managers are skilled at evaluating fit and interviewing. If needed we will even run a compensation analysis for you to ensure offers are competitive.

Why Embedded Recruiting?

It is crucial we close the absolute best candidate for your company while also helping your company to become a talent magnet. We do this by growing your in-house recruiting capabilities, employer brand, and internal operations. By embedding and working directly with your hiring managers, it ensures the pipeline is appropriate, that candidates have a great experience, and that hiring managers are well resourced and supported to interview and attract the best talent in this competitive startup market. And all of this is less expensive than the contingency models.