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Why do you need HR for your startup ?


Because employees are a top expense for your business.

Employee Cost are one of the top 3 expenses for most businesses. Think of HR support as insurance for those employee costs. HR insures that you attract and retain the most valuable asset your business has, talent. You protect your technology with cybersecurity and other malware detection programs, you invest in systems administration programs and procedures to achieve top performance out of your technology- HR is the way to protect and optimize your most valuable asset, talented people.

Because employee compensation, benefits, and management practices matter to the health of your business. 

And their impact only increases over time. You need to maintain a lean workforce and keep costs down, but you could end up spending far more in the long run by ignoring basic HR practices. By continuing to keep a pulse on competitive compensation metrics, having a commitment to diversity and inclusion, and offering progressive benefits you not only protect your business from expensive legal and pr issues, you set your business up to become a top talent magnet. 

Because HR helps startup leadership get the most value out of their team and their time. 

The war for talent is real. However, recruiting top talent is not a small task. It can be time consuming and expensive. You either outsource recruiting to expensive headhunters or you do it yourself and spend hours of your work week sourcing candidates. Your time is expensive and limited, I work to ensure your talent operations are efficient and effective to save you money and win the war on talent. 


Thinx and Uber (and many other startups) have made mistakes so you don't have to. 

If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.
— Henry Ford