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Connatix is a next-generation video platform for publishers. We believe in the power of engaging content and are on a mission to help publishers deliver successful videos without compromise. With a cutting-edge video player, optimization engine, and suite of immersive formats, publishers can easily monetize their content while delivering engaging experiences. Connatix works with over 3,000 publishers worldwide and in 2018, was ranked #2 in the comScore video metrix.

Founded in 2014, the company is headquartered in New York City with offices in Tel Aviv, Israel and Cluj-Napoca, Romania. We are passionate about continuing to grow our team with creative thinkers, technology enthusiasts, and challenge seekers. We are located in the heart of Soho, and we love to work hard, play hard.



Lineate (fka Thumbtack Technology) has been at the forefront of large-scale, high performance web development for over a decade, setting the bar for both backend excellence and innovative applications. They build technology that becomes an enabler to try new ideas, and make the possibilities of data tangible.

Client roster includes; The New York Times, eBay, Shutterstock, AppNexus, The Boston Globe, Ad Marketplace, Etsy, OkCupid, SAP, Gazprom, Grubhub, PlaceIQ and more.

Specialties include: *Software development, scalability, fault-tolerance, distributed computing, nosql, cloud, big data, mobile, and machine learning

Hiring in NYC and Portland

Offices in NYC, PDX, and Omsk

200+ Employees



Bedly: Housing Simplified.
They offer fully furnished medium-term rentals leased at the click of a button.

Bedly is backed by some of the most prestigious VCs and accelerators in the country and is advised by top leaders in the technology and real estate industries.

Join Bedly on their mission to build a superior housing experience for the world.

Offices in New York and Boston

~20 Employees

Malka Media Group


Malka Media is a true content studio, with 40+ full-time creative professionals working across every medium of design, animation, video production, and virtual reality. The company is headquartered in a reclaimed industrial printing house and operates under a no-frills mantra of dedicating content production budgets to actual content production. All pre and post-production (audio, color grading, editing, VFX/CGI) is handled in-house. The studio also contains a shoot space & green screen capabilities, which allows for nimble production timelines and rapid turnaround. 

Branded content clients include Showtime Networks, Universal Music Group, L’Oreal, Brooks Brothers, and Oakley. Malka Media also specializes in original content production - specific highlights include their long-form documentary Back In Time (acquired by Netflix) and the series Legacy: Bob Hurley (Showtime Networks & CBS), with two additional original productions in the works.

Offices in Jersey City and Santa Monica

~50 Employees



Ionic was founded in 2012, when using web technologies as a means to build native apps was still in its infancy. 

Today, Ionic is the world's most popular cross-platform mobile development technology stack, powering fast growing startups to some of the biggest companies in the world.

Millions of developers from nearly every industry around the world have built millions of mobile apps with Ionic. Our Framework and Cloud allow developers to use web technologies to build high quality hybrid mobile apps, and then scale those apps simply with services like user auth, push notifications, live deployments, and more.

Ionic not only makes app development easier, faster, and more accessible—it makes it more fun. Mobile is all about finding new ways to change the way humans interact with the world, and we couldn’t think of anything more fun than that.

Based in Madison Wisconsin, with offices in Boston and Milwaukee. Flexible work location, ability to work remotely



Barkly is a growth-stage startup dedicated to improving the lives of pet owners and their furry loved ones. Our team builds technology to solve a very personalized and offline problem - pet care. It’s the early days here; our team is in the single digits, so you’ll have a unique opportunity to become part of the fabric and help create the culture of a rapidly growing company. Barkly currently operates in DC, Baltimore, Philadelphia, and New York City.

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Barkly Pets is the winner of the Purina Innovation Prize! 

Operating in NYC, DC, Philly