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...No Math?

Welcome to, It Was My Understanding There Would Be No Math, Tech Jobs for Non Tech People! The title comes from one of my all time favorite SNL Sketches starring Chevy Chase. Watch it and giggle.

Aaaand hi, welcome back. Hope you enjoyed the SNL sketch, but I am sorry to say this is not a comedy blog. This is a blog to help non technical people find a career that they love in the technology industry. You do not need to be an engineer, technologist, or mathematician to work for an exciting and growing tech company. 

This blog is a continuation of my mission to help innovative startups grow and the people who work for those startups succeed. I felt the need to start writing about careers for a few reasons: 

  1. I have noticed a definite increase in the number of people in my life that have been reaching out asking for career advice. These friends are wanting to change careers because they are burning out in their current roles, feeling their career is stagnant, or that they are just simply bored. They need a change and are unsure of what to do next. 
  2. I myself am a non-tech person working in tech. I took my first job in tech rather accidentally.  About 8 years ago I had a degree in theatre and a (rather slowly) progressing career on my resume, I was no longer feeling satisfied by the work I was getting and I knew I needed a change. But with a degree in make believe, I did not know what I was qualified to do besides make theatre While I was figuring it it out, a friend hired me for part time work at the startup where he was working and I have never looked back. I myself would never have imagined I would love my career working with some of the most exciting tech startups in New York City and I want to share what I have learned. 
  3. As the popularity of startup companies grow and the use of technology is increasingly becoming a part of every aspect of our lives, I believe that eventually every company will be considered a tech company. And every employable adult will need to have the skills and understanding of how tech companies operate to remain relevant. So let's get your foot in the door now! 

Here on "...No Math" I'll be sharing information about jobs and careers in the tech and startup world specifically for non-technical people. Through regular posts, I plan to feature different job functions within the tech and startup industry for people who are not engineers, statisticians, mathematicians, or technicians. As we all know over the last 10 years the tech industry has exploded and with it's growth we have seen changes to the job market. Many jobs have been and will continue to be automated, work that was once done by a person is now done by a machine. But the industry has also created completely new career options for people leaving school or looking for a career change. These are jobs that typically do not exist outside of the startup and tech world and you likely won't find them as majors at universities. Jobs like Tech Writer, Community Manager, and Domain Experts. 

I hope you'll check in once in a while to learn more about tech jobs for non tech people! So here goes, hope you enjoy the blog and feel free to suggest topics, jobs, people or companies to feature.