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NPN provides custom HR services, learning and development programs, embedded recruiting, and leadership coaching for startups and growth stage businesses. Whether your business is pre series A or pre IPO, our HR, training, and recruiting experts help grow your business by building custom people solutions that attract, retain, and grow amazing teams. 


Meet The Team



Nancy Noto

Founder, Lead Consultant


Nancy began her career in HR and start-ups managing culture and employee experience at Appnexus.  During her five years at Appnexus, the company opened offices in over 10 countries, grew to 1100 employees, and became a talent and culture leader in the New York tech community. In addition to AppNexus she's worked for Mic Network, WPP, and several arts non profits in senior HR positions. Nancy holds an MA in Social Organizational Psychology from Columbia University and is a Senior Certified Professional through the Society of Human Resources (SHRM-SCP). She received her BFA from NYU Tisch School of The Arts and prior to working in HR and Leadership Development worked as a professional actor and arts educator.  Nancy volunteers with the 52nd St ProjectWoodstock Comedy Festival, and Foster Dogs Inc. She is an animal rescue advocate, lives in New York City with her rescue mutt, Linus van Pup, and often has a foster dog in her care looking for a forever home. (If you would like to learn more about adopting or fostering a dog drop me a line!) 

Brielle Silvestri's  current headshot  0083.jpg

Brielle Silvestri

Trainer and Consultant

Brielle is interested in facilitating courageous conversations and productive dialogue. Her unique approach is to utilize theatrical conventions as tools for social justice, community-building, and education. Brielle has worked with young men incarcerated on Rikers Island, traveled to Rwanda to work with student-teachers, led a residency at an elementary school in Coney Island where she explored social justice and community with fifth graders, and facilitated interactive storytelling workshops with early learners to support literacy. Brielle trained and worked as an actor for years and has studied improv.  She is currently working toward her Masters of Arts in Applied Theatre at CUNY School of Professional Studies.


Sarah Pacitti


Sarah Pacitti is a learning and development professional who has worked in both technology and advertising. She has specialized in onboarding, coaching and building and facilitating content ranging from presentation skills to career development, communication skills and systems thinking. Sarah has always been passionate about learning and teaching and regularly draws from her background in improv and standup comedy. Above all, Sarah aspires to always find new ways to engage, develop and connect people.


Rebecca Spinac

Lead Recruiter

Rebecca Spinac specializes in spearheading full life cycle high volume recruitment (sales, tech, digital, marketing, creative) and implementing long-term talent acquisition initiatives for small to large sized organizations. Presently, Rebecca acts as the Senior Recruitment Lead overseeing talent acquisition for North America at Mindshare, a WPP company. Her previous roles include Head Talent Acquisition Manager at Carat, the largest full service media agency under the Dentsu Aegis Network and Sales Recruiting Project Manager at Zocdoc, the premiere healthcare "unicorn." Rebecca started her career as a stage manager, working with touring companies in Europe and on Broadway shows. She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from New York University. 

Client Testimonials

"NPN has been an excellent HR partner for our team. Our Consultant has continually gone above and beyond to meet our goals across the recruiting and human resource management spectrum. Highly recommended."- Martin Greenberg, CEO Bedly

"NPN has delivered above and beyond what they promised for our organization.  We engaged Nancy and NPN for help getting our organizational system, people processes and systems, and visa sponsorships in order, which they did in short order and without letting anything fall through the cracks. What I didn't expect was the extent to which NPN would streamline our recruiting pipeline. They have been able to deliver a consistently high quality stream of vetted candidates as we rapidly fill our openings with high performers. To be honest, I had been skeptical of the extent an HR department could improve outcomes in a company like ours. No longer." - Ben Engber, CEO Lineate

In The News

How Your Commute Could Change Your Life  (BBC)
"For Nancy Noto, noise cancelling headphones allowed her to study for her masters in social organisational psychology during her 45-minute rides from Manhattan to Queens, in New York. Working full-time – then at a startup, but now running her own HR business – and attending classes at night didn’t leave her much time to study.  She too decided to make the most out of her travel time. Every day she’d pop on her headphones and read textbooks uploaded to her Kindle. “I really wanted to get everything done before I got home at night at like 10 PM,” she says. “That was the whole point of me using my commute – so I could relax and sleep when I got home.”

7 Tips for Working for a Much Younger Boss (SHRM)
"When you’re working for a significantly younger boss, “it’s impossible to ignore the age difference,” says Nancy Noto, SHRM-SCP, an HR consultant in New York City for startup and growth-stage companies. Of course, broaching the topic with your boss can be awkward, but when done tactfully, it can strengthen the relationship, says Matthew Burr, an Elmira, N.Y.-based HR consultant who has experience managing older workers. For example, you could say to your boss, “I know there’s a stereotype that older workers like myself don’t want to learn new technology, but I’m the opposite. I’m always looking to learn new skills.”

4 Strategies for Applying in a New Industry
“You can learn a lot by doing independent research and meeting with people in the industry you want to move into,” says Nancy Noto, an HR consultant and founder of NPN Consulting. Other ways of gaining insights include going to events and networking. “Express your interest in that industry in your cover letter and share specific points of view on the market, products, trends, etc.,” she recommends. Indicate why you care about the industry and why you want to work in it.

These Expert Tips Will Help You Prep For Your Job Interview In Another State  (Student Loan Hero)
“You get a better sense of who someone is when you are in the same room as them,” said Nancy Noto, former director of people and development at Mic." ...“We have flown candidates in for interviews when hiring for a highly specialized role or a very senior role only,” said Noto, who also worked in HR for AppNexus. “It really depends on the size of the company. Very large companies with large recruiting budgets might fly out candidates more frequently.”

How To Use Social Media To Land Your Next Job (Skillcrush)
"The next step after cleaning up your profiles is to note what might be missing. Startup HR Consultant Nancy Noto says that adding profile content and contributing to social media conversations relevant to your field is a surefire way to impress potential employers. “We love seeing someone [who presents themselves] as a subject matter expert [in their field],” says Noto. “It’s a great way for recruiters and hiring managers to learn more about their expertise and personality.”

How To Handle A New Offer After You've Just Taken A Job (Student Loan Hero)
"You’ll want to avoid the perception that you’re leveraging one offer for another, but try to remain open and honest during the process. Nancy Noto, former director of people at Mic, said that if your preferred company is slower to make an offer, tell them about the less desirable offer you have on the table. Typically if the company is serious about the candidate, they will speed up their internal processes,” she said. If they don’t, you’ll have your answer about where you’re truly wanted."

How Company Culture Adds To Your Business (Ebix.com)
"The business case is simple,” says Nancy Noto, an organizational psychologist and HR consultant. “A leader has to have a point of view on what success looks like for their company. They also must hire people who activate the values and work in the way that they know leads to success. Managing culture will ensure the right people work for the company and work in the right way.”

12 HR Experts Share Their Tips on Employee Retention (HealthyJoy)
“The most important tip for retention is to focus on employee engagement. .... Employees stay engaged when they know the impact of their work, feel challenged by the work, can learn from the people they work with, have a clear idea of how they can grow at a company and are recognized when they do great work.”

Just Started a New Job? What To Do When A Better Offer Comes Along (Youtern)
You’ll want to avoid the perception that you’re leveraging one offer for another, but try to remain open and honest during the process. Nancy Noto, former director of people at Mic, said that if your preferred company is slower to make an offer, tell them about the less desirable offer you have on the table. Typically if the company is serious about the candidate, they will speed up their internal processes,” she said.

What Makes Good Employees Quit (Kanunu)
“A major reason people leave, especially in growing startups, is lack of career path/ clear growth opportunities. I work with startups and growth stage companies and often in startups the workforce is growing and changing quickly along with strategy. It can be hard for employees to identify what their next promotion or role should be because the position they would be best for, does not exist yet! I encourage managers and leaders to ensure they are giving employees their time to discuss individual’s career goals, helping them to identify growth opportunities themselves, and truly mentoring employees. I also encourage employees to identify future business needs and challenges that they are uniquely skilled to help solve. Or can focus on development so they will be in the future.”

How to Tell When An Employee Is Stressed? Look for Change. (CloserIQ, HRX)

How Does Stress Relate To Culture? (CloserIQ, HRX)

Assessing and Correcting Problematic Workplace Stress (CloserIQ, HRX)


CloserIQ: HRX Managing Stress and Avoiding Burnout in The Workplace
Dec. 9th, 2017
HRX is an event series that brings together HR and tech professionals to share knowledge and grow community. The Q4 event is focused on the topic of managing stress and work life balance. We’re excited to feature three panelists who have extensive experience scaling high growth startups. Our discussion will focus on best practices for keeping mental health a priority in your company. The audience will be a mixture of HR professionals, startup founders and business operations leaders. 

New York University Tisch School of The Arts
April 22, 2016 with Jon Rua
Nancy Noto (Director, People & Development for Mic) is an actor, comedy producer, former acting apprentice at the Actor's Theatre of Louisville, and NYU Alum. Jon Rua is an actor and dancer who has performed on and off Broadway in In The HeightsHands on a Hardbody, and The Elaborate Entrance of Chad Deity, among many others. He currently appears on Broadway in Hamilton.